Creative Bloopers

Comedic moments and experiences in my life and other’s lives.

  • The Cyber Monster and Sock Monster Are Friends!


    My Lonely Socks

    The Sock Monster is alive and well because I pulled these out of the dryer the other day.   They are missing their mates!   He is such a dirty rotten scoundrel.  He is really a mean monster.   I don’t want to wear these two socks at the same time even though they are the same style!  Now I have two less pairs of socks to wear until the Sock Monster barfs them up.   Seriously!  He has been doing this for years to my socks.   When will he ever stop?!

    The email that was sent to me from someone at work never made it to my e-mail box.  It was the Cyber Monster.   He ate it.  He undoubtedly gobbled up the thing, because he does that.   He takes great pleasure in eating those e-mails which really need to reach me.   Then, sometimes he seems to feel the need to barf them back up three months later so they magically appear in my e-mail box at a time when they are completely irrelevant!

    The Cyber Monster and the Sock Monster are friends.   Yep, I found them out.  They are in cahoots.   They like to take important things from us that we really need.   They know just how to ruffle our feathers at just the right moment!

    These two monsters represent things in our lives that really will never make sense.   Don’t try to figure out these silly “monsters”, because it really will not help the situation, and can actually cause more stress and FRUSTRATION!   Just tell the person to re-send the email, or buy new socks!   So, you see, these monsters may be able to steal my socks and e-mails, but I say,  “You will not eat my happiness and joy for the whole day!  You can just keep the socks and e-mails if you like! Whatever!”