Flee the darkness.  Run to the light.  

Blink: The Revival is the next installment in the Blink series of shows, written and directed by Jeffrey Smith.  It follows the story of Dr. Bailey Parker, a psychotherapist who, after a traumatic fall, has a near death experience that causes her to question everything she believes about life and the afterlife and sends her on a terrifying quest to answer those questions.  I had the privilege to act in the film and play the role of Bailey Parker!

With a script based on actual events, Blink: The Revival brings to light the sobering reality of the brevity of life and the possibilities of eternity using unparalleled drama, film, live action, special effects, dance, and cutting-edge technology.   It is only recommended for youth over the age of 13 and young adults!

The desire to create and innovate was instilled in Jeffrey Smith from a young age, when his traveling minister parents encouraged his talents in music and songwriting.  By age 17, he signed his first recording contract with a major record label.  Jeffrey developed into an accomplished recording artist and producer with four national releases and over 1,000 completed songs in his catalog. He has written music that has been recorded by a variety of Grammy-winning artists.  He is currently producing and directing his first feature-length film, Southern Gospel, and his first book Jesus First, Jesus Always will be published this fall.

 In 1998, Jeffrey Smith merged his extensive music background with his love for production to create and write the show Blink, with the goal of showing how quickly life can come to an end.  Originally mostly a stage production, it has evolved into a unique hybrid of live show and movie that incorporates every creative tool to tell true stories.  Jeffrey scored Blink from top to bottom with original music that gives the show an epic cinematic feel.  Blink is now a live multimedia experience that fuses all facets of the arts, including dance, drama, live score, stage production, and film, to communicate powerful truths about eternity.   Over the past twenty years, Blink has been shown to sold-out crowds, nearly 175,000 people have seen the production, and 50,000 individuals have made decisions to follow Christ.

Flee the darkness.  Run to the light.


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