He Wins Every Time!

Here’s how I study the Bible sometimes.  I just take a passage of Scripture and re-write it placing myself in the narrative, replacing pronouns.  I like looking up a few words in the NASB Strong’s Concordance on Bible Hub.  

David speaks as “the King”, with very poetic language.  I am noticing how he delights in the Lord His strength in this passage.  The imagery of His glory, splendor, and majesty is very powerful and captivating and is what is standing out to me today.  

Slow down and take time to dwell on the imagery of His majesty and splendor and glory and how He is fighting for you.   May today you behold Him as He is in all His glory today.  Here’s the track I am listening to while I write. 1 Hour Bliss of His Presence.

1 How great is my joy (that comes from You) in the victories You give.  

~ You have conquered the power of the grave, and You fight my battles when I step back and allow you to fight them. I need to allow you to fight this one battle in my life that is pressing in, trying to take me down. 

1 Oh Lord, I rejoice in your strength. 

~ I am filled with joy because Your strength carries me despite the weakness in my soul.  I rejoice in your strength because is it is the working of your mighty power in me. 

2 You have granted me the desire of my heart (the desires that You’ve put in there) and have not withheld the request of my lips.  

~ I desire to be an instrument of your love, a vessel to be poured out.  Lately my request has been to use the gifts You’ve given me to share your love and You are giving me new vision, passion, opportunities, and connections to do that. 

3 You welcome me with rich blessings (of favor and provision) and placed a crown of pure gold (that sparkles and reflects light) on my head.     

~ This crown is beauty, honor, strength, joy, wisdom, peace, the anointing, your gift of righteousness. 

4 I have asked You for life, and you gave it to me – length of days, for ever and ever.     

~  I have abundant life – health and joy.  My body is doing well.   

5 Through the victories You give, Your glory is great.  

~ Your glory, the illumination of all that You are is ON me. It’s magnificent.  It’s huge.  Others see a difference in me, when I am walking with you in victory over all the negative forces that try to plague me.     

5 You have bestowed on me splendor and majesty (authority, beauty, dignity, respect). 

~ You respect me.  Wow.  You have given me authority over all the power over the Enemy.   Your grace and purity upon my life, makes me beautiful. 

6 Surely you have granted me eternal blessings and made me glad with the joy of your presence.

~ I have more than earthly blessings, I have blessings for eternity in eternity, which I will see when I go to be with Jesus in Heaven someday.  However, I have you the joy of your presence here and now.  I can be WITH You 24 hours a day, 7days a week.   I want to stay connected to You.  

7 For I trust in You Lord; through the unfailing love of the Most High I will not be shaken.   

~I will not be shaken BECAUSE OF your unfailing love. I can stay dwelling in the secret place of your love, even when people I’ve trusted and loved, wound my heart with their actions and words.  I don’t have to be shaken when people fail me.  I don’t have to be shaken when disappointment comes, for I hope in your unfailing love.   Your love defines me, not what people say.   

8 Your hand will lay hold on all your enemies; your right hand will seize your foes!!  

~The enemies, the little demons and familiar spirits, that are pressing in against my life and my family’s life – are YOUR enemies, YOUR foes, and You don’t take it lightly that they trying to take ground that doesn’t belong to them.  You are ripping them away with your hands, so that they can not take my peace and joy and delight in Your goodness.   

9 You are burning with anger at my enemies who are trying to come against me, and you will burn them up!   You will swallow them up in Your wrath and fire will devour them!     

10 Even the small little “relatives” of my enemies, you will wipe out completely. 

~ For me right now EVERY LIE, big or little one, that I have believed about myself for years is going to be destroyed!!  Every stronghold that got set up because of them is being obliterated.    

11 Though the Devil’s plan was to take me out and hold me back, he will not succeed! 

12 For You will make the turn their back and run and aim bowstrings at their faces! 

13 Be exalted, Lord, in Your strength.  I will sing and praise Your power!!