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Over the years I have found that producing art that has lasting value and eternal consequences for the human soul brings me the most joy.  Sharing the Truth of the Gospel of Jesus Christ through the arts is not only a privilege, but a responsibility because of all that my Creator has done for me.  Drama, music, and dance are powerful mediums to communicate Truth. They reach past the boundaries of culture, language, age, and social status and can be used by God to speak to the heart of man and transform his mind.  If your Church, ministry, or school is looking for guidance in producing relevant, life-changing dramatic pieces, I would love to provide you with wisdom and direction, and practical solutions for your ministry to communicate the desired message.  I can offer you a variety of workshops, classes, and resources to guide you to creative success in ministry!

The Sensitive ActorActors will learn how to listen and respond instinctively and truthfully as actors, “show” instead of “tell” their stories on the stage, and fully commit to their character’s emotional perspective, objectives, and scene tactics. Actors should have scene material memorized for this workshop.   3 or 6-Hr Workshops available.  Priced according to size of group.

The Art of the Human VideoTeams will learn how to successfuly create their own original “Human Video” to a song of their choice.  Basic movement technique training will help actors physically represent the emotions of their character and impact their audience with a powerful message.  The team will prepare one human video for an upcoming presentation.  3-Hr Workshop.  Pricing varies.

Directing:  If you and your team are wanting to produce a 30 min – 1 hour presentation for an event, and do not have a director,  I can do any or all of the following:  help you select a script, cast the show, and direct your actors in rehearsals.  Pricing will be based on length of show, number of actors, number of rehearsals needed to put the production together, and/or an hourly basis.   Ask for a quote! 

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