Truth is creative. It transforms, empowers, and sends us out in the world to do extraordinary feats, live satisfied lives, and quenches the desire embedded in each of us by our Creator. When we decide to search for it, believe it, and act on it, then we are truly alive.

      I am a performing artist, theatre teacher and director, writer, daughter, sister, and aunt.  I have an an unquenchable thirst to know my Heavenly Father who created me and know his son Jesus Christ, for He is the way, the truth, and the life. Out of this relationship all my creativity flows.   

     Truth begets creativity and creativity often reflects truth in a such captivating way.    Truth affects my relationships, my life vision, my emotional outlook, and physical well-being.    Reflecting through writing and speaking gives my daily encounters with truth a permanent and lasting effect on my life, and hopefully does the same in the lives of all who listen and read.    May you be encouraged and inspired to live a more creative life of freedom to be all that your Creator created you to be!