Erase That Failure and Reflect on Success!

How do you measure your success in your performing arts classes?  

Success isn't always based in accomplishing the impossible.

Success is progress.

As a performing arts coach, I know how important it is to celebrate progress. Why? Discouragement can kill motivation and momentum in pursuing your goals.

Every performer should rejoice in the small areas in which they made progress!

Steps I recommend for each performing artist this year:

  1. Write out your successes from last year in your journal and celebrate!
  2. Write out Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Timely goals for next year. (More on this later.)
  3. Design a Vision Board to keep your goals in front of your eyes all year!
  4. Log and reflect on your progress weekly and stay accountable weekly to motivating friends and family, and your instructor! 
  5. Jump back on your goals even if you feel you fell off the edge! 

Happy New Year!! 

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