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Voice Lessons Are For Everyone

Reason 1: Voice Lessons Make You a Confident Performer

When you are only working on your own and singing for friends and family, can you really trust their feedback? Not usually, unless they are professionals. However, when performers in Orlando take voice lessons they get honest feedback on pitch, tone, choreography, breath support, characterization. It is then they can grow in skill which will increase their confidence. Performing onstage and not cracking under pressure in front of directors for auditions takes a lot of practice. A performer needs to feel confident that other professionals in their industry will view their performance as solid. Performers who take consistent voice lessons have continual growth. They will feel more prepared in any performance opportunity.

Reason 2: A Pro Singer's Toolbox

Just like a musician learns how to take care of their instrument, singers need to learn to take care of their voice. In voice lessons there are so many different tools that every singer can use to help them keep a healthy and vibrant voice. Singers in Orlando and all over the world need to work on expanding and maintaining their range through technique exercises that develop good vocal habits. Singers have days when they are hoarse or have vocal fatigue. They need a toolbox of exercises to overcome those issues so they can get to the point where they never have a bad audition or performance.

Reason 3: Practice Good Technique

"Practice makes permanent." Perfect is not necessarily what you produce when you practice with improper technique. Bad habits can be hard to reverse! Performers who take voice lessons learn proper technique. They are able to hear themselves in their own practice time and correct their own technique so they don't develop bad habits. Performers in Orlando may take voice lessons one hour a week, but the real work is done outside of lesson time. They need to practice their technique at home, in the car, at school, and during production rehearsals and performances. Performers who vocalize daily and practice new repertoire every week will have accelerated growth. Participating regularly in theatrical productions and concerts, and singing in music class at school will also help performers "lock in" all the good technique learned in voice lessons!

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