Theatre Actors Who Can’t Act On Screen

The Camera Never Lies

Good acting technique is good acting technique.  It’s true. I’ve studied many different acting techniques and methods.  I teach my students many of them.

Many people think that if you’ve gone to school and been in shows on-stage that you have all the acting training that you need to act on screen just as magnificently well. There’s some truth to this. All of these things can be the same for acting for the screen and for the stage:

  • Character and script analysis. 
  • Connecting and listening to your acting partners.
  • Living in the moment.
  • Acting methods and techniques. 

Do these sound familiar?

These should be taught in every good acting training program, but what you don’t know will be seen on screen.  You can bet your booty!

Major differences in screen acting compared to stage acting:

    • Any slight breaking of character will be picked up by the camera.
    • Size of movements for various camera shots
    • Your camera eyelines
    • Talking to people as if they are behind the camera when they are not really there
    • Continuity in acting choices during multiple takes
    • Voice volume levels
    • The challenge of over-dubbing after production day
    • Waiting through lighting changes
    • Position of mics
    • Shooting in a variety of indoor and outdoor locations all times of the day and night.

Those are just a few differences.

So, with this in mind….

You’ve always wanted to audition for a movie?!

Do you feel prepared?!

Gain experience in the whole kit and caboodle list of skills you need to practice to be a skilled screen actor and join us for our Acting for Film and TV Summer Camp! 

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